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Dell XPS 2720 Sierra 10.12.6

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I've an XPS 2720 All-In-One computer and successfully installed macOS Sierra 10.12.6 with Clover.
post-4953-0-29498600-1512657519_thumb.jpg post-4953-0-52266200-1512657582_thumb.jpg
Fully native graphics support on 2560x1440 built-in 27" screen. Touchscreen works too.
Fully working Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth, Audio (patched AppleHDA), Internal Web Cam.
Kexts used:

  • CoreDisplayFixup.kext
  • IntelGrpahicsFixup.kext
  • FakePCIID_HD4600_HD4400.kext
  • FakePCIID.kext
  • Lilu.kext
  • LiluFriend.kext
  • RealtekRTL8111.kext





  • IntelGFX 0x04128086
  • ig-platform-id 0x0D220003

Ask me if you have questions.

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Several times noticed the freezing when I turn on iTunes clip.


On the advice of Bronxteck (who suggested I tried adding intelgraphicsfixup and shiki lilu plugins), I put the IntelGraphicsFixup.kext into /EFI/CLOVER/KEXTS/OTHER (with lilu.kext) and reboot ! No Feezing in iTunes clip at all! Geniously!


I added intelGraphicsFixup.kext (zip) in first post.

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Use any DSDT or SSDT patches for this config ? Or any special settings in BIOS ? I Install Sierra 10.12.6  with all attachted kexts and config .plist  but NO HD 4600 acceleration ... I get full resolution 2560x1440  but no graphic accelerated so scrolling is very slow. My Dell XPS 2720 with i7-4770S .

What version of clover ? Even try three bios version up to A15 but no progress.  

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Add Lilu.kext + Whatevergreen.kext (latest versions). IntelGraphicsFixup.kext has been deprecated, now part of Whatevergreen.kext.

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@piters35 @asergey63 I am trying on BIOS A13 now after no success with A15, and I cannot get Clover to start installing with either, it starts up into Clover but once I start the install it pauses for a little bit then restarts to the Dell splash screen.  What Clover Settings are you using to get the install completed and booting?





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@Jake Lo I've tried all 4 of the AMImem fixes, and each one it just stops at all ++++++++ in verbose mode, which causes a reboot. I'm using Sierra using terminal install method and Clover 4700 (most recent), which uefi64 files should be in the clover folder?  thanks!  


I've also switched out VFS for HFS+ and neither work.


Can someone upload there working clover zip so i can try it on mine?

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