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E7450: no bluetooth devices,(fixed brightness, slow boot, misc high Sierra issues)


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Following up to my previous thread, 
[FIXED] E7450: issues with audio and trackpad after sleep
I have some minor issues that maybe effect others :

#1 Every boot it is slow. Like, I timed it and it's about a minute typically.
 the trim patch forces trim to be turned on, but trim doesn't work on apfs correctly.

Disabled, and boot times are quite fast.

#2: the system will repeatedly make an effort to go to sleep on boot

Swapped FakeSMC for newer FakeSMC netkas 6.26-322-g1b20eab7.1765 from the Rehabman repo.


#3: The brightness doesn't work. Pressing the brighter-darker keys on the keyboard SLIGHTLY increase
and decrease brightness from the max, but they don't let you tune the full range of brightness.
I tried to modify intelmaxbrightness and the backlight wouldn't come on at all after clover, so I'm guessing
that there are some tweaks maybe I don't have correct which might fix this.

Removed AppleBacklightInjector.kext from /L/E and installed Rehabman's IntelBacklight.kext in Clover/kext/other which fixes this issue.
#4: every boot, macOS informs you that your computer was restarted because of a problem.

Swapped OsxAptioFixDrv-64.efi for OsxAptioFixDrv2-64.efi


I see a lot of events in the system log relating to bluetooth. Errors starting advertising. And I have no working bluetooth visible.Not that I use bluetooth, I just wonder if it could be part of the problem.

bluetooth woes under high Sierra due to changes in the usb stack. experimenting with different patches 

and Rehabman usb fixes.



5: sometimes trackpad doesn't restore after sleep

removed ApplePs2Controller and ApplePs2Keyboard from ApplePs2SmartTouchPad 4.7.b5 and 
I run both appleps2smarttouchpad and the old appleps2controller with it's plugins at the same time.

I don't know if this helps or not. it seems like it does.

sometimes the trackpad /stick still don't resume after sleep.

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Thanks for the kext for the brightness. To be able to regulate the brightness you can install brightness of bergdesing. For the touchpad problem, I recommend Dr. Hurt's R6. It already supports gestures with 3 and 4 fingers. I leave the links.





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