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Dell D531 with AMD processor support


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Hi there. I doubt you'll find much help here... But upon searching it appears others have had success with getting this to work (which really surprised me... AMD stuff is difficult). Check out this video:



It looks like he's using iFail v7 (you can download it from torrent sites....). You'll need to boot off this DVD after you burn it (using a program like imgburn, my personal favorite), then once it asks you if you want to boot from that disc, press f8. Then type (without quotes): "-x" and press enter. If it loads, you'll have to select your language, then go up to the utilities menu and select disk utility. Click on your Hard Drive in the left column, and then click on partition. See the big thing with white and blue? Yeah, click that and select one partition as the partition scheme. Make sure that the format is Mac OS Extended (journaled) and then go down to options and make sure that "Partition with GUID" is selected. The click ok to exit the dialog box. Then click the button on the farthest right to partition your hard drive. WARNING: THIS WILL DELETE ALL DATA ON YOUR HARD DRIVE. MAKE SURE ALL YOUR IMPORTANT INFORMATION IS BACKED UP. at this point you can quit disk utility. Continue through all installation steps and select your newly formatted drive as the disk to install to. At this point, you will be asked if you are ready to install. Click customize, and at this point follow the video's instructions to install. Once the install is finished, make sure that for your first boot you type "-f" to boot with. This will only be nessecary once, and the purpose is to make sure drivers install correctly. Besides this, everything should work. Follow the instructions that the guy posted about audio, etc to get working.


Sorry if that was hard to understand. If you need clarification, feel free to ask :)



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