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D830 success story


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Okay, thought I'd tell me story for those with D830s (I've created 5 D830 hackintoshes and one D620 so far)


The D830s I've worked on have no bluetooth, but everything including sleep without the BIOS password hack is working fine.


So, I installed 10.6.6 on the usb pen drive and copied over EDP 1.9.2.


1. Install snow leopard booting from the usb key.

2. EDP and kext #11 (D830 with nvidia)(I said yes to everything and selected the apple driver for the touchpad)

3. Turn off airport/e-net

4. In EDP run the Chameleon wizard. (Don't install just run it)

5. Turn on airport/e-net

6. Select update software from Chameleon wizard menu (install and restart Chameleon)

7. Install Chameleon on the partition

8. Apple Software update for OSX

9. EDP again, and kext.


A nice, fully functional D830 hackintosh including sleep without password, airport.


Next step, Lion.

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Lion will work great on it. I encountered minimal issues. The biggest being the wifi incompatibility of the Intel 49xxxagn card. Temporarily using an Asus USB N-13 stick for wireless connectivity. Everything else worked fine using EDP 2.2. Started off with Lion 10.7.2 and recently updated it to 10.7.3. Nvidia graphics running in 1680x1050x32 which I believe is the native resolution for the monitor and card. Sleep works, battery speed step (emulated I believe) and Bluetooth are working.

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