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Using Sierra EM7455 under Mojave 10.14


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do anybody know how to make this wwan to show like modem? the problem is with at commands, i also rebranded my card to show as generic sierra, not as dell, the ATD*99# does not work also on Windows from putty but the device works as a modem and connects also in linux works as a modem but i cannot make it to work in mac os, from terminal "screen /dev/tty.wwan 115200" i can see the network operator name the modem is up but i cannot connect manualy as gprs or as a modem data device, so i want to ask does anybody help me? i learned a lot like at commands and stuff, any help apricieted, i can also help a lot of you to install your modems and change also com ports.

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47 minutes ago, ys_lalan said:


I have modified kext based on the cellphonehelper kext in macOS, I have posted it on my GitHub, maybe it can help you.

hello i have tested your kext the problem is that i cannot connect to the internet with the modem can you give me your base script.ccl? or you could paste your ppp log? i would apreciate it a lot, also if you can test from terminal "screen /dev/tty.wwan 115200" an ATD*99# command and what do you get? thanks

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