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AMD Radeon HD 7750 Supported By Mac OS Mojave

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Dear Members,


I am pleased to confirm that AMD Radeon HD 7750 is supported natively by Mac OS Mojave.



Screenshot 2018-10-20 at 10.06.52 AM.png

Screenshot 2018-10-20 at 10.09.16 AM.png


Clover Version : 4700

Lilu Version : 1.2.7

WhateverGreen Version : 1.2.3

Boot Custom Flags : -lilubetaall radpg=15

Output : Mini Display Port


Kext : AMD7000Controller.kext

Raw Identifier 0x683F1002 [ Cape Verde PRO ( Radeon HD 7750) ]


Note : Make sure all graphics injection in config.plist are disabled.





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I got a yellow screen with mouse cursor after boot, any advise?


update: it worked just fine, , maybe I was not following the rules


I have the sapphire 1gb ddr5 is there any special settings for the framebuffer?




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