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  1. Check in your System Preferences under Trackpad and see if gestures are enabled. Basic 2 fingers gesture should be working.
  2. Hi all, Just got my hand on this old NAS. The basic administration web interface only support basic network storage servers functions. This NAS is no longer supported by Thecus and 3rd party modules are rather limited and outdated. Almost threw this tin can into the trash until it occured to me that the fact that this NAS is the first Intel Atom SoC NAS produced by Thecus means that it should be able to be installed with custom linux or its linux base be modified Specifications Processor : Intel® Atom™ SoC CE5315 Dual Core (1.2GHz Dua
  3. Fine tuning a hack to squeeze every little performance out of it is quite a feat in itself
  4. @jantestmac Do something like that and see if it shows DGPU and maybe post the screeshot
  5. Use IORegistryExplorer app which Jake pointed out in earlier post. In the app, find anything that resembles dGPU.
  6. @jantestmac what kind of battery life are you getting with windows previously?
  7. battery life is dependant on minimising power hogging things. disable whatever devices that you dont need also set your brightness as low as u can comfortably read and work also refrain from running too much stuff in the background oh also try to use the m.2 sata drive as opposed to mechanical drives. they are more power efficient. just some few tips to prolong your battery life
  8. Yes. Big Sur bootpack is compatible with Catalina. U dont need to check codec. Just try the different value that Jake mentioned. The VoodooHDA.kext auto detect thats why its better for beginner but may not work flawlessly on all system. Regards, Syamsulflan
  9. Dear @jantestmac U can download the bootpack that uses AppleHDA.kext. U can change the layoutid in config.plist boot parameter using Opencore Configurator under nvram sections. U also need to clear nvram when u reboot. Cheers!
  10. Hey @jantestmac Great to hear that the bootpack is working for you. As for the headphone jack, I suspect its due to it being both for headphone and mic i.e. a mobile handsfree kit could be used with with both speakers and mics working on windows. Will need to look into this further. Cheers!
  11. Dera @fndklm Yeah. Just remove those entries. I may have missed it. Had to remove my usb drivers kexts from the EFI folder for posting. Regarding the audio issue, apparently it could be an issue with the patched AppleALC.kext. Will need to investigate this further. Cheers!
  12. @fndklm I have added another bootpack using AppleHDA.kext. Try it out. Cheers!
  13. Dear @fndklm Thank you for the post. Yeah, wifi card is optional and related kext may need to be installed if the stock wifi card or kext cannot be used. Good to know that the stock wifi card can be used. Maybe you can attach those kexts so that i can make it available for others to download & include in their bootpacks. For the sound, the bootpack is using voodoohda.kext atm. U can try to use applealc.kext and see if there is any difference. The sleep wake freezing could be related to hdmi sound or nvidia gpu not being disabled.
  14. Dear All, Beta 4 released! Managed to install only after updating my OC and all kext to latest version i.e. 0.6.0 OC Cheers!
  15. Dear All, Managed to install Beta 3. Apparently the installer app downloaded via Software Update is bad. Redownloaded the app via terminal method as mentioned in earlier post.
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