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  1. I did check that and x86Plugin is enabled I guess. Don't know what else to do
  2. I checked it and fixed that in BIOS and I am able to boot successfully. Thank you for all the support. I just had one issue app opening and other things are a bit slow for example opening chrome is taking 9-10 seconds. I don't exactly recall but in Catalina it was probably faster. But I don't really recall as I used Catalina for roughly 1-2 days. However it's definitely usable but It's just looking slow given the fact that I am using an SSD. Is there anyway to know what exactly could be the problem or is it normal?
  3. @Jake Lo Thank you for suggesting I did that but for some reason it's still the same.
  4. I don't have my system running right now. Though I am using the bootpack uploaded here and I have uploaded IoReg file in previous post too. Need Help: As suggested by people above I tried to update the config file as well as update opencore so that config.plist is similar to original sample.plist in latest release. So to do that I watched a YT video which suggested to clear NVRam I cleared NVRam from the opencore menu but I think I might have done a mistake and now a BSOD error comes. Saying there is a problem. Any solution for that?
  5. Thank you for letting me know let me see if I can fix it by myself I will post the details here
  6. I did try that out no help at all in battery life improvement. I was out of town for quite sometime and just got back. Also I am seeing some things before boot up which looks like issues. I googled those issues but couldn't find out any potential solution. I am attaching a photo here for that. If someone has fixed this or have any info of this please help Any help on this will be appreciated.
  7. Can I have the link or something for ACPIBatteryManager as most of the file I tried two but none seems to work correctly but I do think it's the wrong file as both of them were uploaded more than two years ago if I am not wrong. Also I had one more question I should also remove the SMCBatteryManager right?
  8. Can you tell me what should I change for doing that??
  9. So I was googling about the poor battery life issue and one weird question pop into my mind I know it's very noob question but I thought why not ask it anyways. So I was thinking whether using SMCBatteryManagers and Using ACPIBatteryManager from rehabman make any difference in battery life or it's just for the battery status ? PS: I got this question as I was wondering what if the battery status which I can see is wrong
  10. Lol I agree about comparing. It was just to give the idea though also I went through the guide and as they suggested power management is working (it looks life the left image provided there). I even used CPUFriend with low frequencies but no help Any solution other than that??
  11. So I was testing laptop for last couple of days and haven't tried those kexts cause I simply restarted whenever the touchpad stopped let me try them now thank you for that. however after using this laptop for a few days in Big Sur now I am quite sure that I am not getting more than 3 hour of battery life. Windows was much better is there anyway I can improve the battery life?? Cause there should be something which is draining battery as I have only used laptop to watch a few lectures so there isn't any load whatsoever. And I am quite certain I used to get almost double or more in windows.
  12. So I tried finding but could not find anything for this trackpad issue I think It will persist if anyone has solved it please provide possible solutions
  13. Oh most gesture are working in your config But the problem is that when I close the lid for sometime(Sleep) the trackpad stops working. Right now this is the problem gestures are working but touchpad stops after sleep for long time. To solve that I tried using ApplePS2Controller and in that gestures are not working so I tried to go Under System Preferences > Trackpad but there it shows no touchpad detected(Also I found this solution on other post there Jake suggested to use that) so I tried.
  14. I've used Bootpack from @Syonagar for big Sur(With Apple ALC). So I have the VoodooPS2Controller.kext and I have already tried using ApplePS2Controller mentioned in A topic here but no luck it failed to recognized trackpad(However trackpad was working without gestures)
  15. Tried that headset audio gone So I guess I am stuck with this choice. But anyways I am more concerned about this touchpad thing than the mic as I don't use mic more often (as of now). The touchpad doesn't work after sleep(after 4-5 min or so) , if I open in no time or instantly touchpad does work. I tried Rehabman's voodooPs2 from the bitbucket but no gestures
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