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[Asus G73sw] How to get all the FN keys working Sierra 10.12.6


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I Fixed the keyboard backlight FN keys. I had to add this patch to my DSDT: https://osxlatitude.com/forums/topic/5966-details-about-the-smart-touchpad-driver-features/?page=2&tab=comments#comment-32299

and change "LPCB" to "SBRG". After that I add the "FnKeys as Function Keys Patch.txt" to my DSDT. At the moment the following FN + F keys work:
F1 = not working

F2 = not working 

F3 = backlight down, work

F4 = backlight up, work

F5 = brightness down, not working

F6 = brightness up, not working

F7 = Screen Backlight On/Off, not working

F8 = Video Mirror, not working

F9 = Touchpad, not working

F10 = mute, work

F11 = volume down, workDSDT.zip

F12 = volume up, work


Can someone help me to get the other FN + F keys working? For now the most important is the brightness up and down. Tried to add the "Fn Brightness Keys Patch.txt" to my DSDT but with no luck.

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