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Can't follow Jake's Guide on E6440 - failed getting NVRAM


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Hi Guys - I've recently purchased a Dell E6440 in really good condition with the intent of installing OSX on it. I found Jake's guide:

And it all seems fairly straight forward which is a good thing and a bad thing. The good thing is that it appears on the surface that there's only some simple installations and some drag / drop of folders, the bad thing for me anyway is that if you're following the instructions blindly then you don't have much chance of troubleshooting the issue if something goes wrong which is where I'm at now.


I updated the laptop to the latest A23 firmware using Windows as soon as I got it to make sure that everything's up to date. It also has 8GB of RAM and an SSD installed.


I downloaded both the generic EFI pack and the E6440_A14_HS one.

Downloaded the High Sierra installer from Apple, used the create installer command in the terminal to create the installer on the USB

Downloaded the latest version of Clover and installed it onto the USB using the options specified in the tutorial (not too sure why it specifies any options in particular as the next step has you replacing everything in the EFI partition anyway)

Copied the EFI folder from the generic EFI pack over the one on the USB stick (copy not merge)

Copied the contents of E6440_A14_HS into the eft/clover/ folder


BIOS settings:

Restored to defaults


Set UEFI boot


Inserted the USB stick into the left port, booted, selected the installer from the clover menu and then the installer stopped very shortly after with the error "failed getting NVRAM"


I have managed to get the installer working by:

Removing the patched files in the ACPI folder

Using clover configurator to edit the config.plist removing the references to the deleted patched files and adding fix regions flag (without this flag it would hang with Executed 1 blocks of module-level executable AML code)


This leaves me with no audio or wifi although from what I can gather there's no hope in getting the built in wifi working if it's by Intel.


Copying back the contents from the E6440_A14_HS archive bricks the installation. Is there a reason why the process does not work without the changes I mentioned above? Are the patched files needed for audio to work?


Any advice would be awesome. I don't fully understand what's what yet as I've only had to copy a couple of folders after installing clover which doesn't teach me anything ;)


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