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Dell E7450 (Mac OS Mojave) - keys not registered on Japanese keyboard


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I have a Dell E7450 running on Mojave 10.14.4


It is a Japanese version of E7450 with Japanese keyboard layout. I attached the layout picture so you can visualize the explanations below.


Thanks to the Jake's guide everything runs really smoothly, apart from this weird bug with two keys that are not being registered by the system. 


1) |, ¥, _ key to the left of backspace key: pressing it brings the same results as F3, incrementing the volume.

2) _, \, katakana symbol "ろ" key to the left of the Right Shift key: pressing it is not registered by the system in any way.


I tried running Key Codes to check and maybe reassign them in Karabiner, but pressing them brings no response and displays no key codes.


Could anyone advise how to troubleshoot next and help with it?




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