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Dell E5420 High Sierra glitches and freezes problem


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Dell e5420 (with Intel HD300, 8gb of ram0 and installed HS 10.13.6 (Legacy mode). 

Everything went fine and rather simple - the "only" important problem I had , was - no trackpad working (new VoodooPS2Controller-R6Bronxteck.kext helped  after checking many different kext - if anyone will need). 

1600x900 resolution with acceleration, system shows 512MB of graphic memory. Everything is stable, but here are problems: 


1. graphic artifacts (on files and folder list in finder for instance) - they show up rare

2. On video playback sometimes - horizontal , moving color straps and lines 

3. On minimize or maximize window (Chrome for instance or other app) - sometimes It's freezeing and laggy for a while or get total freeze

4. Sometimes computer get total freeze and I mus shutdown it manually (I don't know if there is any kind of schema: freeze is random, sometimes after 5 minutes of using, sometimes after couple hours, but I think mostly it happens when processor is under heavier task for some period of time. 


I don't have ethernet, firewire and sd card also . but it's not so important right now for me. 

I didn't check hdmi also 


Anyone got solution for this kind of problem? 

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Glitches disappeared after use kext guided on yt (Mojave HD300 fix). 

If anyone got freezes (by moving window or resize window or use heavier task) - the solution may be to change screen refresh rate from 60 to 40 Hz (1600x900 resolution).


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