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Dell d820 intel grafic

lian li

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Ok, so let me tell you, what had to do make the dell running.



please keep in mind that you have to read a lot of threads before you start up hackintosh theme physically first time.


1. I changed the inside hdd 500GB from 5200 to 7200. The 5200 I will take for time machine, when installation is finished.

2. fix the boot sequence for usb in bios.

3. then bootet dell from my external hdd (or usb big enough) for the system with minimum of boot files (osxlatitude) and installation package

from apple retail dvd osx 10.6.3 which i prepared like the explanation in osxlatitude is telling us.

the preparation i did with my onboard disk utilitys from running hackintosh asus P5E-VM DO,8GB,2x1 TB HDD, ATI Radeon 8800

4.made to parts of dell hdd one part ar least 50 GB so you can copy running system with running kexts, if boot doesnt work the other part for the rest. then installing system to the bigger part.

5. then reboot system from external hdd and install edp 1.9.2 on the big part of hdd.

6. take for example champlist or lizard from edp 1.9.2 out of the internet and make a donation if you want to - getting the latest chameleon bootloader to install on your new hackintosh system. if you like cosmetic stuff for starting up your machine different boot loaders are suitable.

7. reboot from internal hdd, in my case without any problems.

and make a systemcopy to the smaller part of the disk and overwrite it afterwards if system is running properly.

8. sure you have to fix the soundkext from voodoo landing page newest one

and in the fixes from edp the grafic frame buffer with kext utilities application.

9. then restart your dell 820 intel and pling there it is ... with quickport hardware you can use your 5200hdd for time machine.

10. it was a great job you did,thanx to all developers who made it possible. where can i leave a little donation for your inspiration, transpiration? can you please tell me if it is possible?


i am very interested in learning unix for terminal. any requests how i can figure this out?

--lian li --

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