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AppleALC: how to send commands to the codec ?

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Many thanks the clear and concise guide on resolving issues with combo jacks, I think this is about the clearest guide i've seen on the subject.



One question :-


Towards the end of the guide you say the following :-



latest version of AppleALC has feature to send command to codecs like CodecCommander , you can modify AppleALC info.plist to stop using CodecCommander, 



Could you please provide an example of sending commands using AppleALC rather than using hda-verb + codec commander.

There is no mention of the feature in the AppleALC documentation, and i can't find any examples on-line.


Many users now use Lilu + AppleALC so being able to resolve combo jack issues without having to install HDA-Verb + Codec Commander would be fantastic.


Thanks again



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