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D420: Underclocked CPU and WiFi


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First off, thanks for the great guide to installing OSX on my laptop.


Alright so I've installed 10.6.8 on my D420 (with more than a few issues on the way) and its specs are a 1.2GHz core duo with 1.5GB ram.


However when i go to run apps that require high cpu (like djay where i get song stutters) My RAM usage is less than half, but my cpu is maxing out at 98%


The problem I've discovered is that OSX shows my laptop to have 800MHz, even though it has 1.2MHZ (plenty for what i am doing)


I've tried disabling speedster, reenabling it to no avail...


Could any of you help me?


Secondly, wifi. I have a n intel 4695 chip and have tried to get it working however each time i try i either get no internet connectivity (ethernet, bluetooth, usb etc) or kernel panics on boot.


Has anyone succeeded in installing this. I've tried iWiFi, but the kexts are outdated


Thanks in advance!

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