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Dell XPS 13 9350 Fan Control


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Hello Forum,


yes i'am new here, to this forum as well to the hackintosh thing, since my last contact with all that stuff is lots of years ago and i may forgot everything.

Anyway, i recently got my hands to a XPS 13 9350, on which i installed mac os mojave following this repo (https://github.com/hackintosh-stuff/XPS9350-macOS).

I "even" got my DW1820A running, thanks to this forum and overall the notebook is doing great on mac os.


Besides, there is one flaw, which makes me wonder. I do not know the notebook, how it's running with Windows or Linux, but for me the fan control seems to be way too conservative in the "silent way". The fans just activate if the CPU-Cores/Proximity-Sensor reaches 90 degrees celsius and stop if it falls down 70 degrees celsius. So i'm not sure, i mean it's nice to have a silent Notebook in this way, but i would prefer to have a more dynamic fan control...


So long text,short problem: Although i can see the temperatures i.e. in HWMonitorSMC.app, i can't see the Fans in any related app. So there is no option to control or adjust the fans by software, because no tool is seeing them. So i'm asking myself if this is a normal behaviour of Hackintoshs or if i screwed something up.


so again, hello everybody and thanks for your time!



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