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precision 7540 success but issues


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I have successfully installed and updated to Catalina on my Dell Precision 7540 ( disabled the Nvidia rtx3000 card as there are no OSX drivers for it) 

everything seems to be working fine aside from running slightly hot ( temps are correctly reported and high ( measured with IR probe) )

cpu seems to be going up and down between 1.8 and 3.6 Ghz which is similar to windows and linux, although I have seen it go down to 800 Mhz at times in windows and more in linux.


package power draw is reported to be 5W... which is odd, while cpu package temp is at 59C.


it seems that I have an average cpu freq of 2.77 idle ( nothing but OS and one safari tab running)


guess I should do a custom DSDT SSDT, currently I have only bits and pieces, for USB ports some specific to disable rtx card and some other parts

which seem to help stop OSX trying to change settings in my bios :) 

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