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Bluetooth cable


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I finally got my D630 up and running with Snow Leopard, and it's awesome. Wifi isn't working, but I've ordered a non-Intel adapter (the 1390) from eBay, which should fix the problem.


I also want Bluetooth and was going to purchase the Dell 360 off of eBay as well. However, when I did a search, the first items to come up were cables for the 360. I went ahead and purchased the 360, but rather than wait until it gets here, open up the D630, and then find out if I need a cable, I wondered if someone could knock that question out for me in the meantime, so I can go back and purchase one, so that it gets here around the same time as the actual module. I'm assuming I need the cable just based on what the module actually looks like, but I just wanted to confirm.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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