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OSX on ASUS M4A785-M


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I'm new to the world of hackintosh, I was hoping I could get some help with this install I made


I followedAppliArt's guide ( http://www.osxlatitude.com/how-to-install-snow-leopard-on-your-amd-system/)

wich was awesome! (Thank you AppliArt!)


I'm running an AMD Phenom II X2 550

on an ASUS M4A785-M mobo


All the instlaation process went smoothly and was very quick


but then when I inserted the parameter GraphicsEnabler=yes in the bootloader it wouldent boot, it just got stuck there

I've tried it a couple of times unsuccesfully

Should I try with a differente codec? Wich one?


And the sound isnt working, I have the VoodooHDA installed


any advice will be very much welcome!

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I am new to hackintosh as well - see my "struggles" here :)




Are you using MB onboard ATI Radeon HD 4200 video?


Then you need to search for ATI Radeon HD 4200 kext(kext = driver).

Quick google search gave me this thread for example:




maybe there is no kext for ATI Radeon HD 4200 that provides full acceleration for your version of SL,then you need to buy a video card

that is fully supported by OS X. I think some can be found as cheap as $30 new.

The same principles should apply to your audio.


I hope that I didnt give you any misleading info - if I am wrong somebody please correct me.

Good luck

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Awesome! thanks for your reply!


Yeah! I've read about your stuggles before my post! haha, so yeah I' have to do some struggling myself now!


That was very helpfull, I'm looking up to see if I can find the right kexts


also, I'm currently running on 10.6.2 I should probably update my SL before looking up for new kexts right?

cause I just noticed the guide uses 10.6.3 (I just happened to have a .2 retaill dvd!)


So yeah, if nothing works I guess I'll end up buying new cards!


I'll post my achievements later ! thanks for the help!

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