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D420 WiFi Options


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Hello all,


Need to replace Intel wireless card in one of my d420 hacks and while I'm doing it I was considering putting in an 802.11n card instead of the standard Broadcom 1390 b/g. I've read where the 802.11n Broadcom wireless-n's working in Lion, but I have not seen any such animals configured in the old 420s. Does the 1.9.2 EDP support the Broadcom BCM94322MC 802.11 a/b/g/n card? I know this is the Airport Extreme (P/N 825-7216-A) used in recent macbooks, however, I don't want to waste my time if d420 running 10.6.8 SL and and the associated EDP/Bootloader won't recognize it.


Thanks in advance for the assist!

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