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Latitude 5285: Need help for installing 10.15


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Recently I've installed Catalina in Dell 5285 (Tablet) with OpenCore. Work fine but still have issues.

Issue 1: CPU frequency always high in Intel Power gadget

Issue 2: No image after wake from sleep


In Power Management:


- XCPM is present

- AppleXcpmCfgLock in config.plist is YES (since my machine cannot disable CFG Lock. Also I' ve try to fix the CFG using python method to extract bios but the terminal said Error.)


- Insert CPUFreind.kext but did nothing.

- Change the model from MacBook Pro 14,1 to MacBook Pro 14,2 and did nothing.

Audio & GPU

Issue 3: I can only use touch screen(I2C) or trackpad(I2C)

Trackpad can drive without kext.

Touch screen need VoodooI2C & VoodooI2CHID. However both kext will disable Trackpad.

Besides Keyboard need to SSDT-DisableTrackpadProbe. if not disable the trackpad in VoodooPS2Controller.kext which keyboard will not function.

Issue 4: Headjack audio was not change immediately

When I inject the headjack than wait about 10mins, it will change to headjack audio.

Codec of audio: ALC225 Layout ID: 30

CFG Lock


Appreciate for your help.

EFI File:


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