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Help installing macos on E5450


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Hi im somewhat new to this whole thing but i wanted to try and make a hackintosh install for my e5450. Ive went through so many problems installing it so far however. 


I was trying to do a catalina install but everytime i did, i would end up with the same error shown in the picture below and on the rare occasions that it did boot, i would run into the pldownload error 8 or error 2. 


I assumed it was something wrong with catalina (now's a good time to say im using gib-macos to make my install drive) so i tried downloading the recovery package for mojave and installing it only to run into the same boot error i did trying to install catalina (attached below)


I don't know what else to even do anymore. I've spent the last 3 days scratching my head over why nothing seems to want to work when many people have reported flawless installs on their systems. 


Also I'm using the kexts from the post by jake lo from the following fourm posts both for catalina and mojave respectably with clover bootloader. 





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