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Dell Latitude E5570 Hackintosh EFI

Mihari Oyama

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My Dell Latitude E5570 Specification:

  •  i3-6100U with 16G DDR4
  •  Intel HD Graphics 520
  •  I219 Ethernet + Intel AC 8260
  •  Audio Codec: ALC293
  •  Storage: Kingston M2 256GB


Supported both 2 types of bootloader: OpenCore 0.7.6 + Clover r5143

Almost all devices are working, except trackpad gesture.

If you want to try new VoodooPS2 (Because this laptop used ALPS version 8), check here: https://github.com/SkyrilHD/VoodooPS2-ALPS/actions/runs/1671975290 
(Click the artifacts.zip to download, extract them and put them into C/K/O or OC/K)

Issue: Clock is wrong after sleeping (Eg. when your hack sleep at 10:30 and you leave it for 30 minutes to 11:00, you wake your hack and clock still 10:30)
Flickering screen when your screen is 1920x1080 after sleep.


Link EFI: https://github.com/quynkk1/E5570-Hackintosh

  1. Before install macOS: 

    - Add your wireless and bluetooth kernel extensions

    (If you use OpenCore, you need to SNAPSHOT or MANUALLY ADD your kexts)

  2. After install macOS:

- Move EFI from USB into Hard Drive

- Map your USB

- Make test and post your result here :D



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