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I got things running on my D630 yesterday, and I'm impressed. Almost everything works perfectly, and seems pretty smooth and peppy, too. I only have a couple major items:

  1. Is it possible to get the digital audio output working through the dock/port replicator, and
  2. I seem to be having some trouble with FireWire audio devices

I have a D-Port replicator, and so far everything works except for the S/PDIF output and the headphone output. I also have a Focusrite Saffire 4-in/10-out FireWire audio device, and the AppleFWAudio.kext gives errors when it loads, whether automatically or manually. It says something about a link error.


I'd appreciate any insight anyone might have on these items. Otherwise, things seem to be working pretty well. OS X even auto-detected and activated my 2nd monitor connected through my D-Port's DVI port, even during the install!

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Hi, I have this docking station, how did you manage to get DVI working please. Is this because you have two monitors. I only have one tft and I try to connect dock to monitor via DVI... screen is blank, then just sleeps. If I try VGA instead, it works fine.


Your help would be appreciated :rolleyes:

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