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chrome does not work in my 10.7


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I completed successful install of 10.7. Everything seems to work fine. Just one wired problem.

Chrome doesn't display anything. Seem like problem with rendering page.

For example tab title and url changes when I try to connect to gmail

from gmail.com to accounts.google.com - so I assume that chrome connects with specified url,

just doesn't display page. Also after while there is popup "Page Unresponsive" Kill/Wait.

The same for settings, preferences and sign in.

My permissions are repaired.

Safari works fine, also some old version (like 8) of chrome works.

I'm not sure if I missed something during installation, or maybe fact that I have 10.7

without any sub-number makes a difference. I also tried chromium browser, exactly the same result.

Any help / suggestions are appreciated :)



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