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Success with Toshiba MK2431 (240GB) in D430


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Because the drive model has come up once or twice (archives), I think it's worth mentioning that my install of Snow Leopard over the last couple of weeks was onto a Toshiba MK2431 240 GB drive in my D430.   I'm not completely finished testing yet, but so far, things look good.  The OS is up and running.  I've rebooted a few times.  The System Preferences I've checked seem to be working properly.    I guess I should check drive sleep to make sure that works okay.  I currently have it disabled, as I enable more things and try them.


The MK2431 is down to about <$85 on Ebay and Amazon these days.  It was ~$75 for a brief time while Geeks.com had stock.   Of course, $70 will get  you a terabyte in a 2.5" SATA drive.  Ah, well.


When I ran the PassMark disk benchmark under Windows Vista, before I did the OSX install, the reported disk score was 203.    Which is pretty decent amongst 1.8" drives.


The MK2431 has mixed reports regarding compatibility with the D430.  What I finally found is that Windows XP simply won't install on the drive, but Windows Vista will, and I've corresponded with a fellow who has installed Win7 on an MK2431 in a D420, although I haven't tried Win7 on my D430 yet.   So the drive works, but not with Win XP. 


I did not run into any difficulty (other than a message that lspcidrv/kext" was installed improperly)  following the instructions here in order to install Snow Leopard and it seems to be working fine.  


Once I'm done testing my SL installation, I'll move on to a multi-OS system with Win7 and SL.

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