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Mac OSX Saved My Latitude Battery


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I have an aftermarket 9 cell battery for my Dell Latitude D430.   It worked great for about a year.   Recently, I think it was discharged too far.   After that the external test yielded the flashing LEDs and the battery would not charge either while the machine was off and plugged in, nor under Windows.   I tried various tricks like installing a good battery and then swapping batteries while the machine is plugged in and booted, but nothing helped.


I noticed that OSX, on my other D430, actually provided more battery information in System Profiler than I can easily find in Windows.   So I installed the battery in that machine, booted OSX, and it started charging the battery immediately.  I've tested it for a while and everything seems fine.   Various utilties report battery health as normal.


So, if you have a battery which suddenly won't charge, before discarding it, try it in an OSX machine.

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