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VAIO LVDS not worked (Graphics card Radeon 7650M)


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i have a vaio sve15117fdb


with GraphicsCard= (radeon 7650M)


and i intalled os 10.9 on my system.

but i have a problem in mavericke os (10.9) and 10.8.4

my lvds not work. only framebuffer for radeon 7650m is Pondweed and i use this command at boot AtiConfig=Pondweed with AtiPorts=3 or 4 or 5 but not worked even my vga port not worked with this frame buffer (hdmi not test)

i uses GraphicsEnabler=No command at boot for install mac  for worked my lvds or 

i uses AtiConfig=Duckweed or AtiConfig=Gibba  (my resolution is 800x600) and my vga port worked and i have to use external monitor but my lvsd not work.

please guid me for enable my lvsd

i upload all below items:

1-MY laptop Bios (Unlocked advanced menu)

2-my Graphics card Bios by AIDA64 Extreme Edition

3- my DSDT by AIDA64 Extreme Edition and DSDTSE 1.4

4-my IOREG





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