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My Semi-Working OSX10.7 Rig


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Since there haven't been other posts about recommended Hardware, questions about what hardware to get, or any of the sort I figured I'd go ahead an post my rig so that people could at least see some hardware that is at least possible to get a semi-working machine with my inadequate knowledge (a maybe a well oiled machine with further knowledge)


Gigabyte P67A-UD3 (personally dislike and will probably switch out)



I5 2500-series @3.30ghz



Nvidia GTX 560TI



HAMAS WLAN USB Stick (doesn't yet work, working on getting KEXTs to get it fully functioning)


So far I have Lion booting pretty nicely. It's atleast responsive, holds my high-res well, and ethernet worked "out of the box" for me though the WLAN doesn't work at all. For anyone that may have this setup, an early warning would be that since you're running a GTX 560TI which doesn't seem supported out of box, you'll run into that nice {PCI Config Begin} message. So if your trying to install but finding that issue, remember to use the Boot Flag: "npci=0x2000" . Then once you get everything up and running, make your edit in the NVDAGF100HAL.kext file to add your device id to the list, and then install the CUDA driver from nvidia. Afterwards you should find yourself loading up the higher-res.


So to sum it up for this rig...


HiRes Graphics



Not Working:




As I start learning more about hackint0sh and hopefully solving my issues with my setup, I'll post some updates to this topic.

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