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MSI P67A-C45-B3 install, mouse sluggish fix needed


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my specs:


motherboard: MSI P67A-C45-B3

cpu: 2600k 3.4ghz i7

Graphics: ASUS 8400 gs

ram: 4gb


I have used the myhack 2.0 to install on the MSI P67A-C45-B3 motherboard and all went well apart from the mouse was sluggish on install and once i had installed, i assume this is a sandy bridge problem, as i have seen other posts of this, just wondered how to remedy it, also i need full 64 bit mode and inbuilt sound to work, i have a ASUS 8400 GS and would like QE/CI support.

The aim is to have an all singing all dancing Protools HD system/Final Cut Pro X/Media Composer.


thanks in advance people.

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