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myHack Lion USB Install Alteration


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Greets to all-


Once again, thank you to the myHack crew for THE only working Lion USB install that has worked for me.


I have one small issue, that I am sure someone can help me with.


During the Lion installion, via the myHack USB method, when it gets to the point where it asks what hard drive to install Lion to, my SATA drives are showing, but not my (2) Legacy ATA drives.


My BIOS settings are the same as used with my perfectly running SL installation, which, saw both of my Legacy hard drives. All drive references in BIOS are set to AHCI.


Now, from all the research, and reading I have done, others have suggested to copy a Legacy patched IOATAFamily.kext to the USB installer sticks "S/L/E" folder, and try again.


I did, and I also used numerous different IOATAFamily.kext, to no avail. Still only the SATA drives showing as available locations to install to.


Even if I (delete/remove) (any/all) instances of any IOATAFamily.kext from the USB installer sticks S/L/E folder, the installation remains the same, only the SATA drives are showing.


That, in and of itself, tells me that, the IOATAFamily.kext file, did not seem to be doing anything at all, as far as the installation, to begin with.


Can someone please help me to understand what steps are needed to alter my myHack Lion USB stick installer, to see my two Legacy ATA drives, as available drives to install Lion to?



System Information:


Motherboard: (Asus P5K-Deluxe WiFi - Uses the JMicron JMB363 PATA Controller)

Legacy Drives In Question: (Western Digital WD205BA / Western Digital Digital WD400BB-00AUA1)


Thank you everyone for your time.

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