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Dell D620 Automator Startup Script


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Hi everyone,


I'd like to contribute something I've made for myself to the community. But first a little background.

I'm using a D620 with Intel GMA graphics an SL 10.6.7. I run the trackpad driver with logging on because that is the one that works best for my trackpad. I also run GMABooster to make my graphics performance a little better(I clock to 400MHz). Because of these 2 reasons I have to do two things after start up/restart. Disable logging from the trackpad driver so that it doesn't consume all resources and run GMABooster because it looses it's settings after reboot.


I recently made an automator script to make my life a little easier. It automatically ask to start 2 terminal screens to set everything up. The first one is for GMABooster. Just put in the desired speed press return and type in your admin password twice. The second is for disabling logging. Just type in your admin password and press return to deactivate logging. After that press OK on the popup screen and everything closes automatically.


How to install:

-Open the dmg

-Install Chud from the Chug.dmg file

-Copy the file "D620 Startup Scripts" and the folder "GMABoosterX_CLI_09a" to your Utilities folder

-Goto System Preferences->Accounts->Your Account->Login Items and add D620 Startup Scripts to the list

-All set! The next time you login a popup screen will ask if you want to run the startup script.


Feel free to comment and/or modify the script as you like.


Click on the following link to download the dmg(38,2MB):

D620 Startup Scripts v0.1.dmg

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