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Hi everyone,

I'm Chris. I live in Melbourne Australia.

I built my 1st Hackintosh in 2008 but the motherboard packed it in and I haven't bothered to try building another one untill now.

I currently have a system running SL that I built using an i7 870 on an intel DP55WB board with 8 GB ram and a EVGA GT240 graphics card using the multifail.

The only issue is HDMI doesn't work properly.

I originally wanted a program like Apeture but didn't have a mac at the time. I bought a MBP but persisted with the 1st machine.

I now want a machine similar to a macpro in that I can add HDDs if/when I need with ease but can't justify the price of a macpro at the moment although I may consider


As for general computing skill. I can do the basics such as install an os and trouble shooting but I have no idea how to program etc.


I have no real technical experience or skills to help but if someone in my area needs help getting a part etc I'm more then happy to lend a hand.



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