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myhack doesnt remove version.plist and info.plist from usb


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I notice that myhack does not remove version.plist and info.plist when creating the usb installer, but it does tell the usb installer when installing mountain lion to remove those files during the installation.


Turns out there is a kernel panic that happens when appleyukon2.kext is loaded with those 2 files. So before I installed mountain lion, I had to remove appleyukon2.kext from the usb installer before it would boot properly.


So if myhack could just remove those 2 files when creating the usb installer, then I wouldn't need to remove appleyukon2.kext.


I suspect the kernel panic happens because it can't read the rom from the nic where it normally gets the mac address from. It did work in lion. So Apple must check for that now with Mountain Lion.

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