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HP G50-116CA bios F_65


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I am fairly computer literate, but DSDT is totally new to me. I could not find information on how to read, interpret and modify coherently the info within.


I managed to pull out these two files, but now don't know where to begin with DSDT modifications.


I played with Kexts to have the laptop semi functionnal. Now if i boot in arch=i386, i get sound and a Zydas USB-WiFi adaptor working, on top of built in ethernet. No luck on built-in wifi. If i just boot, then, no ethernet, wifi, zydas, sound... Limited. Trackpad works with a few acceptable glitches in both x64 and i386 and i get some occasional shutdown to login screen in both mode (i am thinking it has to do with graphic animation on launching app)


Thanks for any pointers.



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ok, i had a major problem with the laptop and finally made a clean install. Triple boot, Kubuntu, Win7 and Lion.


I put the DSDT you gave me at the root of Lion partition as well as in the /Extra folder. Is there anything else i should do with the file because it doesnt seem to make a difference.


EDIT: My system info shows nothing in the ethernet, card reader, wifi. The audio does show Intel HD audio, but i have no sound.

Havent tried HDMI, but i doubt it would work.


Do i have to reinstall the realtek, atheros and VoodooHda intel 3100 graphic kexts in order to get ethenet, wifi and sound respectively? Thanks

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