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Dell Latitude D820 for Snow Leopard -Need Mirror?


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Using myHack with a Bootpack from OSXlatitude to get Snow Leopard installed-

should be old hat, right?

The D820 I'm using has a busted screen- I'm using an external monitor.

This process really has 3 boots involved-

1st Boot- from the USB pen- OK from the start.


2nd Boot- to the OSX SL installer... must use GraphicsEnabler=No, or else

it gets hung at the "Aurora" Desktop background- but

there is a mysterious region to the left that the cursor starts out in

and can drive into, like a 2nd display... and

that might have the "menu bar" and the OSX SL Installer screen.


3rd Boot- from the newly OSX-installed drive-

hung at the "Aurora" just like in 2nd Boot w/o GraphicsEnabler=No,

except I can't get that command -or any other-

to prevent me from hanging in the Aurora!

I tried GraphicsEnabler=No, "Graphics Mode"="800x600x32",

"Graphics Mode"="1152x870x75", etc. When applied after the 1st Boot,

these "boot prompt" commands seem only to act on the 2nd Boot.

I'm betting the 3rd boot is looking at the ext monitor, and

setting up a 2nd display just as it would on an ordinary Mac- and

setting the main or "menu bar" display to the laptop- which is busted!

This is not what I had expected- since the D820 didn't work that way in Windows-

it probably a control panel set to mirror the displays all the while I used it!


This site has a cmd-F1 keyboard shortcut for ordinary macs to mirror the displays on boot:

http://superuser.com/questions/87964/ke ... n-mac-os-x

I haven't been able to get any of these to work on the D820- but

I'm not sure if and where the command and F1 keys are mapped!


Which brings me to my question-

Is there a way to have the System Preferences ->

Displays -> Arrangement -> Mirror Monitors Box come up checked at the 3rd boot?

I haven't stumbled across this yet when googling for such a thing.


And it isn't all that urgent...

the real install will be on a D820 with a working LCD screen!

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