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HP Compaq nx6110 (SL installation)


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Hello everyone,


I have a question about a potential installation of SL version on HP NX6110 laptop. Its an old one, but with 2GB of RAM. Problem is that its running on a Celeron M processor so not sure if it will work at all.


My question is (coz i still dont have it) is will there be any chance on setting it up and one of the most important parts, will I be able to use the PCMCIA slot? This edition of laptop doesnt have a build in wifi (its ready for one but doesnt have the card built in) so it uses a PCMCIA D-Link (not sure of the model yet).


SPECS that i know:


proc: Intel Celeron M processor 370* (1.5-GHz, 400-MHz FSB, 1-MB L2 cache) (has SSE & SSE2 support)

chip: Mobile Intel 910GML Express Chipset/Mobile Intel 915GM Express Chipset (not sure need to check when i get it)

ram: 2GB (2x1GB DDR 333MHz)

card: PC Card Slot Type I/II/III


any info your be appreciated.

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Manage to get it up and running without pcmcia tho, will order a wifi card that will work fine.

So far everything works apart from wireless, very very good with 512MB of RAM (more inc)


Forgot to mention that im running it on a small SSD (IDE) with 32GB of space. Boot time from Apple logo to desktop is 15 seconds.

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