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Nuance help - AHCI eject (ICH10-R) and optical labels


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So I've been using SL for the most part, but lately I've been using ML a bit here and there, and while it works great, there's a couple things that are still bugging me.


1) I've always had a problem with ejecting anything from the Intel SATA (ICH10-R) ports; if I eject from the Marvell ports I can plug a new disk in just fine afterwards. This problem exists for me in Snow Leopard as well, but I've never found a way to get it working.


2) In Snow Leopard, when I press the eject button at the top of the screen, it shows my optical drives as "Upper" and "Lower", as per what's in my DSDT. In Lion and ML however, this is gone. Has anyone found a way to get these labels working in Lion/ML?



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