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Triple Boot?


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Hello all - I need some advice on the best way to triple boot my first working Hackintosh. I have three 1TB drives installed, each containing a single OS - Windows 7, OSX Mountain Lion, and Linux Mint and a 500 Gb drive working as the OSX Time Machine. ML was installed using MyHack (great effort folks - thank you).


All 3 OS's work fine, I have Internet, Mail, Itunes, etc, all working. Currently the drives need to be booted individually from the BIOS selection. I have read a great deal regarding my chosen boot loader (Chameleon) but am still confused how best to install this.


I tried installing on the OSX drive but just broke the Windows MBR. From reading I believe it would be best installed on the Windows drive, but I still don't understand how to do this.


Can you help please? - Thankyou in advance and keep up the great work folks - I have enjoyed the challenge so far.



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