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Hi everyone.

I am a convert Mac user for about 10 years now, and have been happy every since; but that introduced me into a different expense than I experienced with PC's. Since this time I have only been able to buy two Macs and one laptop, where with PC's I built one every couple years. I accepted that, also realizing that I didn't need to have a new computer every couple years. Now I have kids and they are coming of age where then needs computers. I work with PC's all day and I don't want to take my work home with me when it comes to my kids computers. I have wanted to test build Mac for a while, but I didn't want to buy the kids a computer then find out I couldn't do it. I luck into a new laptop at work where I can test this for a short time, so here I am reading and learning. Now I just have to figure out why USB sticks fails every time to install.


Happy building


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