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ASUS A55VD - Bios version 411 -SOLVED


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hi I am currently have a nearly fully working hackintosh on my asus a55vd.basicly everthing works ecept for wifi card and also card reader and not forgetting my gpu geforce 610M.

well my main reason open this topic is becoz I need help from professionals that knows how to edit a dsdt either to ENABLE OR DISABLE my geforce gpu....here I attached my extracted dsdt from my system...thank u for all your time...ur help will be appreciated. ..


ASUS A55VD - Bios version 411 i hope i get the version correct i just copied it from bios setup page



Finally there is someone very helpful n kind help me edit n patch my dsdt..now my hackintosh is working much better with much lower temp....even the battery life have extend...

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