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EVGA P67 SLI Micro


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Hey everyone,


I was recently able to boot Mac OS X Mountain Lion successfully using the unifail method. However, I ran into a few problems that I'm unsure of how to fix.


First of all, unifail didn't take care of any ethernet drivers so when I got to the desktop of Mountain Lion, I had no internet connection whatsoever. The light indicator on the back of my tower wasn't even on like it normally is when I'm in the Windows environment.


The second thing is I have no sound coming from the inputs or outputs of the machine.


Upon following the guide I realized I needed something called a DSDT to get all the compatibility problems situated with my motherboard. However, I don't believe there is one for my board at this time. If anyone could supply me with their copy if they have the same motherboard listed in the topic title or explain to me how to create my own I'd appreciate it.

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