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10.8.5 / Intel DP55WG (LGA1156) i7-860 / GTX 550ti / myHack3.3


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10.9 Mavericks works as well.


I think I got lucky with this build, as it was fairly simple to get working without much troubleshooting.

The only important parts are the motherboard/cpu and video card. The rest is quite interchangeable and doesn't make a huge difference.


My hardware:

Intel DP55WG LGA1156 Mobo

i7-860 CPU

GTX 550ti GPU


1. Create myHack installation media. http://myhack.sojugarden.com/guide/

Basically you need the .app from the app store or the installesd.dmg from it and a working mac of some sort.

Run the myHack application, it's pretty straightforward, just follow the prompts. I chose NO to the MBR patch prompt that comes up later.


2. When you boot from the media, it'll put you into a Chameleon bootloader screen. Press any key to stop the autobooting and allow you to enter bootflags.

You'll need 2, -v is for verbose, oddly enough it won't boot properly without it. EHCIacquire=Yes is required for this board. It should look like this:

-v EHCIacquire=Yes

press Enter and wait.


3. You're at the install screen now. At the top there are utilities. Find the Disk Utility and go to Partition tab.

Standard setup is 1 partition, Journaled, and GUID partition table. Once you're done, close it and install the OSX.


4. It'll restart automatically and you'll find that just about everything works except your ethernet and sleep. You'll need the AppleIntele1000e.kext. http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/205771-appleintele1000ekext-for-108107106105/

Put the kext in /Extra/Extensions and run your myHack app. Choose myFix and Full.

I turned Sleep off because I never use it. If you install onto an SSD, you'll find that it starts up and shuts down as fast as sleeping with hard drives.


I haven't tested audio as I have a USB soundbar that works natively. But do the same as step 4, but with the audio kext.


Lastly, you'll need to select an SMBIOS.plist in order to assign the best matching Mac profile to the system.

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