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Dual Boot & Chameleon


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I've recently installed Lion on my D520, and it's working fine - thanks to everyone here who made it possible!


However, I left space for a Linux partition and I'm having problems getting Chameleon to recognise the Ubuntu install; I've reinstalled Ubuntu 13.10 five times now (and after each unsuccessful attempt I've used a partition editor to remove the Linux and swap partitions - back to unallocated / free space), and I've tried:

  • letting the Ubuntu installer auto configure the partitions + bootloader location (while installing alongside Mac OS X)
  • manually defining the Linux partition and installing GRUB for the entire drive
  • I've also tried a manual install and putting GRUB on just the Ubuntu partition

...but after any of these methods when I reinstate Chameleon by booting from the myHack USB, it never detects the Linux partition and I'm unable to load Ubuntu.


Any help would be greatly appreciated - thanks!

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P.S. If I install GRUB for the entire drive, then on boot it loads Linux fine and GRUB also recognises "Mac OS X 32 bit" and "Mac OS X 64 bit" but both fail to load. Combine that with the fact that Chameleon has a prettier graphical interface and it's clear that's the way I should go :)

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You need to have Ubuntu install the bootloader on the partition containing /boot (either the / partition or the separate /boot).


You then need to use a tool like GPT fdisk (gdisk) to change the 'type' of that partition to '0700'


See https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/5902-dualboot-installing-linux-after-mavericks/ for more information and a success story.

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