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Dell Percision M4400 _ Log of whatkai's install


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Hello OSX latitude, I write this on my old mac book which currently has parts being sent UPS to repair, missing keys, etc. 


Knowing my macbook from early 2009 A1181 is near its death bed I've been looking for a new system, I came across http://www.dfsdirectsales.com/ a dealnews.com special coupon and the m4400 for a great deal. My ideal setup for my new system is mac os ( duhh im here n this site), linux (centOS,SciLinux or RedHat similar), and some version of windows ( 7 / 8 or xp?)


System Basic Spec's

Processor T9600


Hard Drive (using an old 320 right now/ 1Gb Seagate after a few test runs)

Quadro FX 1700M

15.4 Screen

DW1390 wifi card (replaced the intel card)



So far my test was great I decided to keep things well documented. (& since my girlfriend also bought the m4400 to replace her cracked screen acer, and will want to follow my footsteps) 


So first things first new wifi card after seeing this post https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2164-wifi-card-for-m4400/?hl=%2Bm4400+%2Bwifi about wifi card questions I purchased the DW1390 and instaled it in the WWAN slot on the notebook. 


Then I formatted the flash drive on the mac using disk utility (in reality I don't think you can format HFS+ on windows and IDK if linux allows it, Linux does so many file systems so I would guess it does) http://www.switchingtomac.com/tutorials/how-to-format-a-drive-or-partition-with-the-hfs-file-system/ helped guide me.


Then I needed http://myhack.sojugarden.com/guide/ to get this cool app and follow the easy 5 steps outlines here https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/1764-mountain-lion-on-e6400-in-5-steps


so the current status is I have a 1gb hard drive partitioned in 3 ways and on the first partition I have os x 10.8 with very few issues.


The installation claimed to fail and then when it rebooted it gave me the setup install and it seems to work great (IDK) when I do this again I vill do a verbose install next time and see what happened. 


this is the installation error I get . 

Install Failed: The installer could not start up the computer from the disk "

but then it does boot from disk after a reboot. ? (i attached the installer log)



Also my monitor only does 1280 x 800 until i do an software update and then get some other errors.

Yes I ran a update to 10.8.5 with some errors but it still functioned, then I noticed the sleep / shutdown issue and screwed it all up trying to fix it so did a reinstall ( one of many i plan on doing )




current research ideas and issues i'm researching

  • tri boots
  • kext ???
  • osx 10.9 on m4400. (but a 5.2gb d/l i dont have space or time for right now)
  • how to get correct video card (have Quadro FX 1700M shows Graphics  Nvidia Quadro NVS 160M 512 MB)
  • how to get correct processor showing (have T9600 2.8GHz shows 2.54), assume since i don't know about these kext and would have to edit them and not use them blindly.

working pretty well on 10.8.5 :)

Installer Log 28-Dec-2013.txt


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