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cant follow instructions


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Im trying to follow the wiki ; build a USB stick and


cant use option 1 ; dont have a mac i can access except at the showroom ;-)


cant follow option 2 :


bunzip/bzip2 doesnt seem to work on win7 - used winrar BUT want to follow your guide explicitly.


chryosome/dd doesnt work at all : all i get is the black window where all commands just echo back to me ( tried on xp and win7 )


However, using usbit and winrar I get the usb boot stick made and it boots, but cannot complete the instructions as dd doesnt work.


mixing methods got me running all be it with a faulty graphic driver ( install claimed intel 950, install delivered x3100 - and i have intel 950 ).


tried to install drivers onto my working ( almost ) install and killed it - wont boot now, so need to restart again hence trying with edp1.9.


please point this dullard at my obvious errors....

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