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samsung NP350V5C-A06UK post install set up Help , anyone got one going?


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Hi i have a 

 samsung i7  NP350V5C-A06UK   Intel Core i7 3630QM    installed with mavericks 10.9.1   i have graphics running perfect with  IGplatformID  boot flag   and sound running on the lastest voodoo  hda kext.   so have hdmi video out , i have usb3 running from a tonycrap vanilla usb3 fix and tonycraps ps2 vanilla kext from multi beast.


Any suggestions for a ps2 kext (the current one has no function key support)  and a bit buggy.


But Im running on a cpupowermanagmentNull  kext and would really like to get that sorted . anyone have a appleCPUpowerManagment.kext  that might work ?



also is there an applehda kext that works ? rather than voodoo  maybe a patched one to get hdmi out ?  (im unsure of what realtek hda version this laptop has windows dosnt specify ) 


I'm only a day or to into this build so would really appreciate any help setting up or even a  system of good practice when going about making a laptop work.



thanks for any help on this !  

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