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D830 Nvidia - 10.9.2 Broke Sleep! Any Fix or Downgrade?


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I heard a topic on here that indicates it was safe to upgrade to 10.9.2 on my D830. I went through all the updates from 10.8.0 till 10.9.1 and never once had anything broke. However, I should have researched a bit more or even made a backup, because 10.9.2 definitely broke something—sleep.


My D830 no longer sleeps properly. Display shuts off but system remains on until I force reboot/power off. It seems like other users are reporting sleep being broken, while others say it's still fine for them. 


I wonder if someone has come up with a reason why this update broke sleep for us or found a fix for it yet?


I am using native power management with the performance tuning with FakeSMC and SMBIOS as reported in OS X Latitude website.


Do you think changing it to use nullcpupowermanagement and sleepenabler will make the laptop sleep again? Anyone else with sleep broken on 10.9.2 using this setup?


I really don't want to downgrade back to 10.9.1 because I didn't make a backup.

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Alright, so after some fiddling around I think I got the sleep issue resolved! :-)


What I had to do was to remove AppleACPIPlatform.kext from the Extras folder and leave the original one alone in S/L/E (10.9.2 installs a new AppleACPIPlatform.kext, even if you removed it previously). Then I ran myFix full with myHack and native sleeping is resolved, albeit going to actual sleep takes a little longer than previously.


I was encouraged here to always remove the AppleACPIPlatform.kext that is in S/L/E because it sometimes causes slow or unresponsive restart and shutdown.


If I leave AppleACPIPlatform.kext both in Extras and S/L/E then sleep doesn't work. The same goes if I leave it in Extras and delete the one in S/L/E. The only way to fix is it to remove the one in Extras and leave the one in S/L/E.


I will test this out for awhile and see if I run into issues. Atm, restart and shutdown seem to both function fine, as long as everything else.

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