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Install success Dell 17 3721 i3


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First off, big heap of thanks to the whole Hackintosh community, your hard work, dedication and manipulation are appreciated!


Thanks again for this: https://osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2836-how-to-dell-inspiron17-3721-fully-working/



So, here was my dilemma...I do NOT have a replaced WiFi card, I still have the factory installed one.


Using the files provided, the only viable copy I could get installed, and from a CD, not a USB was iFail 10.8.2 ML2


Needless to say, lots of attempts were made to install, and get working correctly.


I managed to get up to 10.8.5, and this is what I did...


After install from the CD, selecting the bare minimum of install options provided, I quickly followed the steps outlined in the previous post.


Installed 10.8.3 combo package


Did the same after install process, copy over extra folder, run the wizard, repair, reboot.


Install 10.8.4 combo update package...I had a failed install last time, but this time, success! 


Did the same thing again, copy and kext, reboot.

Ok, here is where i had issues, failed installs, kernel panics out the ying yang

Well, ran the 10.8.5 combo update, and success! Reboot!


Kernel panic, AppleIntelCPUPower blah blah kext


Found a post that said to remove that kext and the AppleACPIPlatform, then replace.


I did just that in the install terminal window


Booted right up, had a USB port issue, ended up using this flag:


-gux_defer_usb2 -gux_no_idle


and my USB ports work


Now, I have not fully tested things out, as in, do my 2 3.0 USB ports work at 3.0 speeds, my camera, my mic.


Ethernet works, USB ports function, CD/DVD player works, sound works, keyboard, trackpad, works.


I quickly slapped an external drive together and made a time machine backup, I'll experiment later with Mavericks


So, for now, is this helps anyone else out with this type, I'm glad I could help, if not, oh well.


I did end up ordering one of those Atheos? wireless cards from China, so by the end of April I should have it! lol


And again, thank you to everyone who has contributed to this project!

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I have discovered one issue...


Video playback inside iTunes causes a mass distortion, audio is find but video is blotchy, solid colors, pixelated, bad.


Now, the built-in camera displays fine, videos on youtube play just fine. Only in iTunes


Any ideas?

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