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Wifi pci-e card for Mavericks (bcm4322, ar9285, bcm4312)


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Hi guys
I'm planning to use Mac 10.9 Mavericks as principal operative system in my notebook because is full working except wifi, and it has good performance !
I have an Hp dv3 2150el with intel 5100 agn, that I know it will never works.
However my Hp have a bios whitelist for wifi cards, so I can buy only these (according to laptop service manual): 
1) BCM 4322 agn
2) AR 9285 G
3) BCM 4312
So, I need a wifi totally working, with every protections and encryptions, almost out of the box, without go crazy to install the card on Mavericks.
Which of these cards are natively supported ?
I have read bcm4322 is supported, but there are so many subversion, as bcm94322MC, or bcm94322HM8L (both supported ?), or bcm94322 5xxx, or bcm94322 7xxx (both unsupported ?)
For AR9285 there are different opinions, so I don't know the cards to buy.
I'm in your hands, please help me

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Make sure you ask HP support to get the right card ID, because some whitelist laptops only allow their branded card. For example, HP 4530s only accept HP-branded AR9285 card, other Atheros 9285 card without HP branded are useless.


Both 4322 and 9285 are good for Hackintosh. 4322 works oob, but 9285 needs a little injection kext.

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